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What is The Happiness Gap?

You may be wondering what the ‘happiness gap’ is… let me enlighten you…

The happiness gap appears when you live in a conditional manner, being in a constant state of unfulfilled expectation and thinking mainly into the future, rather than living mindfully and being present in the now. It is the gap between where you are in reality and where you long to be in your life. You create a list of conditions that your level of happiness is dictated by, common examples of which are often:

“I’ll finally be happy once I have…

  1. …met my ideal partner”

  2. …found the right house”

  3. …changed job”

  4. …had children”

  5. …lost weight”

Unfortunately this means you spend the majority of your life feeling unfulfilled and possibly unhappy, with rather short-lived bursts of bliss only occurring now and then and often followed by a ‘comedown’ back to reality after the longed-for event is over.

Beyond all of that and very importantly, you are also demonising a whole range of your emotions which do not feel so comfortable such as pessimism, overwhelm and anger, striving to only ever feel positive and happy which of course is highly unrealistic in every day life and also emotionally unrealistic and unhealthy.

My aim as Intuitive Happiness Coach is to share ideas and give you tools which enable you to learn how to close the gap – to become accepting of ALL your emotions which in turn will help you to live a more emotionally healthy life. The overall outcome of this shift will possibly bring more happiness than you have ever experienced and will hopefully affect all areas of your life like a spreading ripple.

Are you ready to take this journey now? Hit the ‘Work With Me’ button and let’s get you started on your epic journey.

Also watch my video about the Happiness Gap Here.


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