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What Are Trapped Emotions™?

‘Trapped Emotion’ is a term related to The Emotion Code® technique developed by Dr Bradley Nelson.

Concept image of a person with Trapped Emotions in their body

Trapped emotions are a competing energy that can disrupt and affect us in many ways. Believed to be left over energy that becomes stuck in the body, these balls of energy between the size of a lemon to a small cantaloupe melon, vibrate in our bodies creating a unique imbalance.

Over time our cells react to this vibration like tuning forks as they resonate with the vibration of the trapped emotion, distorting our energy field and sending out a signal that something is wrong.

Where do Trapped Emotions Come From?

Our emotions are energy in motion or ‘e-motion’. Emotional energy, like any energy generates a specific frequency and vibration. Usually when we experience emotions, the subconscious and conscious mind process the emotion, then release it.

Sometimes when a difficult or upsetting event happens in our lives and we feel an uncomfortable emotion about it, the subconscious mind decides to hold on to the emotion in order to deal with at a later date. This may be because the emotion is deemed too much at that particular time (in the case of a traumatic event) or it could be that our subconscious feels it necessary to pass that trapped emotion on to future generations (see more below on inherited trapped emotions).

Trapped Emotions Have a Dual Effect

Trapped emotions can affect you in the following two ways:

1. Mentally

Let’s say you have a trapped emotion of fear. Because you always have a low level of fear vibrating in your body, that may cause you to feel an exaggerated emotional response. It may also cause you to attract more life experiences that cause you to feel fear.

Trapped emotions have a resonance to them, rather like the reverberation of a bell ‘ringing’ in our bodies over and over again, repeating the same feeling over and over again so that you keep re-living those experiences, both mentally and in your life.

Grief Affecting my Relationships

An example of this is from my own experience. There were quite a few deaths in my family when I was a child. One of my family members was murdered in a hit and run incident, another died very unexpectedly under anaesthetic during a routine operation. I was surrounded by and experienced lots of feelings of grief, sadness and loss and also of abandonment that often comes when a loved-one leaves unexpectedly.

I had my first (and most intense) relationship aged 15. Sadly after 6 months, my boyfriend chose to end the relationship – very common at this age. My reaction was total and utter devastation – I couldn’t eat, sleep or function. Of course, this is a normal reaction, especially at this tender age, but my feelings of loss, abandonment and mourning went on for years after the relationship had ended. I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t let go of this experience and the feelings that came with it.

I finally understood what had happened when I began using The Emotion Code on myself and up cropped trapped emotions of grief, sadness, sorrow and abandonment from my childhood. So the experience was totally magnified and extended by already having these emotions active within me.

I also trapped ‘heartache’ related to this relationship break-up, so that was always ‘vibing’ under the surface. For years after the relationship ended, I had a pattern of attracting relationships where I would be abandoned – either literally by my partner leaving or emotionally by them being distant with me. I believe that the cocktail of trapped emotions I was carrying were contributing to this pattern.

Trapped emotions may create discomfort, imbalance and potential malfunction in your body. They could also impact how you think, the choices that you make and the level of success and abundance you are able to achieve.

2. Physically

Because trapped emotions are made of energy, just like the rest of the body and have a frequency and vibration, they exert an influence on the physical tissues and can cause acute soreness and even more serious issues.

If you were to hold a magnet to one of the really old computer monitors, you’d see that the picture was visibly distorted as the magnetic field interfered with the normal flow of electrons on the screen. If you left the magnet there for any length of time, it would create a permanent distortion. Trapped emotions affect our bodies in a similar way as both are also made up of energy.

Just like the magnet on the screen, trapped emotions are constant stressors creating a distorting effect that your body has to deal with. Over time the manifestation of this may be some form of discomfort or physical issue.

Releasing these toxic energies reduces that stress, allowing your body to return to balance. I believe this is why physical issues often reduce or vanish altogether on release of the trapped emotion.

Young woman feeling unhappy because of Trapped Emotions

A Very Unique Imbalance

As practitioners we believe that each trapped emotion is unique in that it relates to a specific time when that emotion was felt in response to a particular event. This means that a person can have multiple instances of the same trapped emotion. I may find and release 27 instances of ‘anger’ trapped in my client, but each one relates to a different moment in their lives and each one wants the spotlight before being ready for release.

This is why Dr Brad teaches that we release one trapped emotion at a time, so that each one has their moment.

“Each one of our trapped emotions is a moment in time, trapped in perpetuity in our bodies until discovery and release.” SARAH PERRETT | THE HAPPINESS GAP

Clearing Ancestral Emotions

There are seven different types of trapped emotions in total, one of which is ‘Inherited’.

Some trapped emotions we carry may have been inherited, travelling down the family line from parent to child, sometimes for many generations. I cleared some Inherited trapped emotions with my clients that go back many centuries – one was around 1,500 years old!

Science supports the theory of passing on emotions to your descendants. In a famous experiment researchers administered painful electrical shocks to the feet of mice that, at the same time, were bombarded with the smell of cherry blossom. When these mice and their descendants had offspring, the scientists observed that the pups had an aversion to the smell of cherry blossom, even though they had never been exposed to it before. It was concluded that the mice must have inherited some form of biological memory – this became known as ‘epigenetic inheritance’1

The Emotion Code is great for clearing inherited emotional baggage

If you have an inherited trapped emotion (and in my experience we often have multiple), you may be carrying the energy of an event that your ancestor experienced long ago, but that is still potentially affecting your life now.

Imagine being born with inherited hopelessness trapped in your body. You may experience life with a low-level of hopelessness, a sort of ‘hopelessness filter’. Now imagine that gets released – how would you feel?

One of my clients experienced this very scenario. They joyfully explained to me that the world had become like a new and magical place once the big, dark ‘hopelessness’ cloud had been removed. And until we worked together, they didn’t even know that they could feel better because they had been born feeling this way, so their life had felt at times like an uphill struggle.

“In many ways, each of us is the sum total of what our ancestors were. The virtues they had may be our virtues, their strengths our strengths, and, in a way, their challenges could be our challenges.” JAMES E. FAUST

As a practitioner, I also often see ‘Prenatal’ trapped emotions. These are usually absorbed from your Mother and trapped whilst you are a little baby in the womb. This is another area where you can be born with the filter of that trapped emotion and experience a very different life once it has been released.

How Many Trapped Emotions do You Have?

There is no way to know! However in his book The Emotion Code, Dr Bradley states that “…if you’re like most people, you have a few hundred trapped emotions in your body.”

This may sound like a daunting task as each one needs to be found and released individually, however as a practitioner, I find with my clients that releasing on average 10 per session and between 40 to 100 total trapped emotions seems to have a very positive impact in many cases. Add to that removal of a Heart Wall (in my experience on average 25 – 50 trapped emotions) and we’re motoring!

Why Release Trapped Emotions?

I believe that releasing these energies is vital to our quality of life. Removing them could have the potential to prevent problems from eventually occurring. Imagine feeling more emotionally free than ever before, feeling the free-flow of energy in your body, leaving past negative stuff where it should be – in your past! Imagine taking that big case of emotional baggage you’ve been lugging around with you and throwing it in the bin – wouldn’t that feel nice?!

This is a testimonial from one of my lovely clients that illustrates the power of this wonderful technique for making positive change:

“THANK YOU for such an incredible session. I can’t explain how different I feel in just 90 minutes – I feel lighter emotionally, mentally and physically. I feel like the brick walls I’ve been hitting are gone, I feel like you’ve turned the lights back on too – those pathways feel clear and light!” KAREN G

Are You Ready to Release Your Trapped Emotions?

If you feel ready to let go of your emotional baggage once and for all, book a session with me and start the process today. I offer half price Tasters for your first session so you can experience The Emotion Code and a full session with me at a reduced rate.

How Do Sessions Work?

Because The Emotion Code works with energy and we are all connected by it, sessions can be run in a variety of ways, including remotely without you being present. This enables me to work with global clients, so wherever you are, we should be able to work together.

Session types include:

  • 1-2-1 on Zoom

  • Telephone call

  • Remote by proxy (sometimes called email sessions) without the person present.

Remote sessions (without you present) may sound odd, but they can be extremely effective and very helpful if you need a session but are busy, on a lower budget, or unable (or too uncomfortable) to attend in person. You’ll receive an in-depth report of the findings. Use the button below to book and pay for your session.

Any further questions?

If you have any questions and would like to know more, I offer a free 30 minute consultation for new clients to talk through your particular issue and how I may be able to help. Contact me by using the form on my Contact page and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.


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