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Is Happiness Coaching Right For you?

We've all become so detached from “feeling’ our emotions, often seeing them as scary and unwanted. But the opposite is true, they are there to guide you through life. I can teach you to accept all your emotions, even the uncomfortable feeling ones, so you know what to do and how to literally ‘feel’ better, no matter what life throws your way.

Areas in which you could benefit from working with a happiness coach:

  • You feel lost in your life, maybe you feel you have lost yourself? For example when going through a big life transition such as becoming a parent. 

  • You have experienced, or are experiencing a spiritual awakening and/or the ‘dark night of the soul’ and now feel rather dazed and confused as to “What next?!”.

  • You feel overwhelmed, anxious and/or irritable the majority of the time.

  • You feel at a crossroads in life and at a loss what to do – maybe you feel stuck and in need of clarity?

  • You ‘disasterise’ things – everything looks bleak to you, you always see problems, not solutions. You feel sick of just surviving, rather than thriving and living your life.

  • You find yourself constantly worrying about something, e.g.:
    – your health (even though your Dr never finds anything);
    – your children;
    – your performance at work, or losing your job;
    – your relationship, maybe you obsess about your partner leaving you;
     what other people think of you – perhaps you bend over backwards to help everyone all the time, exhausting yourself in the process; 
    – the state of the planet, worrying items in the news and online

  • As you solve each worry, you always seem to replace them with new ones – you literally only feel happy when you have something to worry about!

  • You are not feeling happy in your job, but don’t know what needs to change.

  • You feel you have lost confidence for some reason, which also affects your ability to enjoy life. Maybe you avoid seeing people, or going out, whereas you used to enjoy it?

  • You are looking at your life and/or yourself and thinking “How the heck did I end up here?!”

  • You have had enough of feeling miserable. You know there must be a better way to live and are ready to do the work on yourself to feel better.

Do any of these feel like you? Then you could potentially benefit from happiness coaching. Check out the different packages I offer, or reach out to me today to discover how we could work together to improve your life and set you on the path to happiness. 


Finding The Right Fit

Whether you need a one-off session to kick-start your new life, or you prefer not to go it alone, my flexible coaching options should have just what you need. 

Coaching Options
Due to demand, I work with a small amount of clients at a time.
There are 3 ways that we can work together:  
Smiling Woman

Supercharge session

A one-off session to get you started


  • Get a quick start on your path to success.

  • Unblock areas of your life and begin to move forwards.

  • Identification of life blockers and tools to shift them.

  • Follow up email to see how you're doing.

  • Unlimited email access to me for 1 week after your session


Exchange: £150

Online Coaching – 6 Weeks

Online assessment & guidance via Zoom
  • Change your life for the better in less than 2 months!

  • A 6 week intensive block to embed positive life changes

  • Get 1-2-1 support & guidance in specific areas

  • A tailored plan to help you feel better, faster

  • An energy edit to gain deep insight & facilitate change

  • Tools that you can learn & use time & again to feel better

  • Experience positive (sometimes huge!) emotional shifts

  • Access to VIP support & accountability via Whatsapp

  • Email follow-up 1 month following completion

Exchange: £95 per week (£570 total)

Modern Laptop

Email Coaching – 6 Weeks

Private assessment & guidance via email

  • Coaching tailored to your needs.

  • Get VIP access – email me at any time during the 6 weeks.

  • A great way to work with me if you are on a lower budget.

Exchange: £30 per week (£180 total)

No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.
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