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My Story & How I Can Help You

Sarah Intuitive Happiness Coach


Sarah Jane Perrett CECP ITEC Dip
Intuitive Happiness Coach

Up until 2013, I was a lost soul. Unhappy, disconnected, meandering through life feeling lost and depressed. I felt as though I were living in the bottom of a dark well. I would begin to move up to the light, then something would happen to knock me back down again. As a result I often attracted difficult circumstances and relationships which kept the negative cycle repeating.

By 2007, as a result of 8 years of post-natal illness after having my 2 boys, I was exhausted, suffering with anxiety, OCD and PTSD. My worn-out body reacted with bouts of IBS, debilitating symptoms and phobias, then in 2008 I was diagnosed with ME. My marriage began to crumble, it was a very dark time, until…

​“I realised it was down to me to find a way to help myself.”


I began to explore alternative healing modalities such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Louise Hay methods, neuroplasticity and diet changes. I even studied part-time at Guildford College and attained a level 3 ITEC diploma in Anatomy and Physiology in order to understand the human body and its workings better. I began to feel better and see the light at the end of the tunnel. But…


In 2011 I began a new life as a single mum and found a new relationship, which self-destructed 2 years later, throwing me into deep depression. I hit rock bottom. I sank into the mud in the well and didn't even WANT to get out.


Cue self-healing mission! At first it was sheer determination that kept me going. I had to be OK for my boys, so I became hungry for information and ways of self-exploration in order to heal my emotions. I learned about law of attraction, discovered teachers such as Esther Hicks, Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie, devoured books on spirituality, emotions, energy… I learned how to meditate with a Tibetan Monk. And then… something amazing happened…

One day in 2013 everything changed

I had a spiritual awakening – I ‘woke up’. It happened very quickly. I don't know how to explain it, the experience was so 'vast'. I felt a 'knowing', as though downloads of concepts and knowledge were pouring into the top of my head. In that moment I had a total understanding of humans, relationships, an aerial view, rather than being 'in' it all. I understood how my life had been so negative in places, but that I had been responsible for attracting negativity by being in victim mode.


I felt free… 


Then came the hit. How do you move forward when you've been flung very rapidly into a place of not knowing how to be you anymore? How to live life in a new way, rather than the old, negative way? It didn't go well for a while…


I went through a rough transition from old life to new, conquered the 'dark night of the soul'...  but beyond that difficult journey, I learned to be OK with every emotion, not just the comfortable feeling ones. I learned to navigate the bumpy bits of life, I learned about divine masculine and feminine energy and how to harness it for happier relationships, I built up my self-esteem and recovered from the past to the point where I finally attracted my ideal partner. I got healthier, happier, calmer... I found peace.

Why am I telling you all this?

​Well, it's not to depress you, it’s to let you know that I understand how it feels to be in that dark place, the one you may be in right now and to give you hope that if I can get through it, you can too. The best guides are the ones that have trodden the rocky terrain, scaled the biggest mountains and lived to tell the tale. When you go on an epic journey, you need someone with you that knows the path well and can get you from A to B, avoiding the pitfalls where possible.

I'm a Certified Emotion Code® Practitioner – an energy worker helping you to finally let go of all the emotional baggage you’ve been carrying around – wouldn’t that be nice?! I also use The Emotion Code to clear your chakras and self-limiting beliefs. Just imagine the wonderful feeling as you drop the negative emotional energy that's been trapped in your body [cue massive sigh of relief]. I’m an empath and intuitive. I use my higher guidance and intuition along with more conventional methods.

I’m a business owner too

I own Whitespace – a brand and graphic design consultancy. I’m also a doTERRA Wellness Advocate, teaching people how to live happier, healthier lives using the power of pure essential oils, so I understand the life of the entrepreneur and all that goes with it (both good and bad!). I feel passionately that everyone should know how to self-support in wellbeing, especially in the area of business, so in Lockdown 2020 I became a certified Live Well, Work Well Positive Psychology Practitioner, using the PERMA model. When people know how to support themselves and their wellbeing, their work lives improve, making them better employees and workmates. When business and team leaders know how to create a healthy culture and support their employees, the business as a whole becomes much healthier – it is a win/win situation. More on this soon…

I am here to support you

I've been there, done that, got the t-shirt and the battle scars to prove it and I can tell you wholeheartedly that it was worth every single, painful moment to reach the life that I have now. I have a toolbox full of techniques and methods to help you discover your best self ever. I work in a very intuitive way, sensing what is the right method to assist you in your healing journey. Sensing any blocks and guiding you as we find the best way to clear them. My intention is to get you to the point where you feel empowered knowing that you can handle all your emotions, which means you can handle life, no matter what it throws at you. Turning your vulnerabilities into superpowers… now, wouldn't that feel good?

Are you ready to take that first step onto the path with me? Great, let's do this...


Release Emotional Baggage…

Emotions are ‘energy in motion’ or e-motions, a natural part of your being. As one of only around 10,000 global Certified Emotion Code Practitioners, I can help you to release the old, trapped emotional energies you've been hanging on to. This is often the key to become unstuck and feel better in your life experience.


Also learning to accept and work with both comfortable and uncomfortable feeling emotions means that they become powerful allies, helping you to navigate your daily life, relationships and the gamut of feelings that go with them.

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My Approach
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Tools That Empower You…

I'm a great believer in finding simple, quick solutions to self-healing and life-improvement. Just because you’re not feeling too great at the moment doesn’t mean it has to drag on forever. There are powerful, quick techniques to help you feel better, faster, such as The Emotion Code.

Long-term beliefs can sometimes take a little longer as you unlearn old thought-patterns and install new ones, but you can begin to see a change within weeks. We want to get you back into life and feeling better as soon as possible. I am a great one for the ‘path of least resistance’.


Live Well, Work Well

I am a certified Positive Psychology Live Well, Work Well Practitioner. I utilise the PERMA model, a five core element of psychological well-being and happiness developed by Martin Seligman,  one of the founders of positive psychology. Working with these five elements will give you new cognitive and emotional tools.


Imagine waking up smiling, looking forward to the day ahead. How would you feel, knowing that you are building a great business or career path, rather than just working a job? Would you like to build a happier, more fulfilling life and improve all your relationships both at home and at work?  This method can also be helpful within the workplace for business owners and managers to help identify employees’ strengths and to build teams that work well together.

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