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Bridging the gap to happiness, one emotion at a time



Hello I’m Sarah Perrett, Intuitive Happiness Coach

I’m here to help you become the master of your emotional wellbeing, to teach you exactly how you can ‘feel’ better and show you how to be OK even when you’re not. Imagine waking up every day, knowing you can handle anything that life throws at you – wouldn't that feel good? 



How Can Happiness Coaching Help?


We all want to feel happy and live our ideal life. However, many people spend their whole lives striving for happiness, but never quite reach it. Are you feeling that way? Have you tried many things, but nothing really seems to work for you? 

Now is your time to make different choices, bring positive changes and build a better life for yourself and I’m here to guide you through the process. I identify negative patterns and energies that are sabotaging your emotional wellbeing and use different methods to install more supportive patterns enabling you to change your life in positive ways.


Coaching Sessions 

& Courses



You’re ready to change your life, you just don’t know how. That’s OK – we can work that out together. Get your life, relationships and work, or business on track today, why wait?


If you prefer to DIY with a little help from me, online courses will be available in the near future. Keep checking back, or sign up to my mailing list to stay informed.

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Kind Words From My Clients

Rachel S.

“Sarah is a little bit of magic. She helped clear an issue that has been bugging me for months. I highly recommend her if you are looking for someone who gets people. She leaves you feeling a little more free than you did before your session”

Hannah F.

“I’ve been working with Sarah for the last two months regarding ongoing anxiety that I thought I would never get under control. With tools and coping strategies that have helped me manage my emotions in a much more positive way – I would genuinely recommend Sarah to anyone struggling to find happiness.”


Let’s Talk Happiness…