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This meditation was chanelled through me by my Spiritual Team to support anyone on the Ascension timeline and in the Lightworker category, including Starseeds, Indigos, Rainbow and Crystal souls. If you are a soul with a mission to bring more light to our beautiful planet and help her and everyone living on her ascend, this meditation and message is made for you.


Also incorporated in this is an Emotion Code® clearing* session specifically for you to release some of the most common Trapped Emotions™ carried by Lightworkers. Set an intention to release what no longer serves you as you listen to the clearing, release those toxic energies once and for all and transmute them all back into unconditional love. 


When creating this meditation, I was in a high vibrational state, working with my spiritual team, meaning this meditation contains our supportive frequencies and intention for your emotional and spiritual wellbeing.


The beautiful soundtrack, created by Christopher Lloyd Clarke, is relaxing, high vibrational music that aims to uplift the listener to an elevated state of consciousness while remaining utterly tranquil.


*IMPORTANT: I need consent to work with anyone’s energy as a proxy (meaning I am acting on behalf of you), so by purchasing this meditation, you automatically give your consent for the Emotion Code clearing that has been carried out for you in this product.


Meditation Content

I guide you through this meditation with the following:

  • a loving and gentle message channelled from my guides,
  • Emotion Code Clearing session to release specific Trapped Emotions of Fear, Guilt, Shame and Unworthiness.


If you enjoy this guided meditation, others are available to purchase on this website.

Lightworker Clearing Meditation, 30 Min

    • Meditation and Emotion Code Clearing by Sarah Perrett
    • Music by Christopher Lloyd Clarke
    • File format: MP3
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