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I’ve created this meditation to help you utilise the amazing power of Ho’oponopono, also know as the Hawaiian art of Huna (forgiveness). Ho’oponopono can be used to transform your life experience by reciting its simple mantra.


Meditation Content

I guide you through this meditation with the following:

  • a simple overview of what Ho’oponopono is,
  • how Ho’oponopono works,
  • how to use Ho’oponopono,
  • the four line mantra,
  • what the mantra means.


This is then followed by 30 minutes of the Ho’oponopono mantra on repeat. Put on any time you need to use this powerful quantum technique to improve your life experience, or just to feel better in yourself.


When creating this meditation, I was in a high vibrational state and working with my spiritual team, meaning this meditation contains my supportive frequencies and intention for your emotional and spiritual wellbeing.


The beautiful soundtrack, created by Christopher Lloyd Clarke, is free of any bells, chimes or additional orchestration for minimal distraction from the mantra. It has a soft, relaxing and heartwarming quality, like a musical hug! 


If you enjoy this guided meditation, others are available to purchase on this website.

Ho’oponopono Meditation, 30 Min

    • Meditation by Sarah Perrett
    • Music by Christopher Lloyd Clarke
    • File format: MP3
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